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My Personal Insecurity in Front of the Camera

March 16, 2021

Well this is honestly an easy post to write! There’s a lot I could say about my personal insecurity in front of the camera. Unpacking all of it in a concise manner is another story!


Let’s start at the beginning, childhood insecurities.

Yikes! That’s a deep dark closet for me. My dad was overweight for my entire life. I have seen pictures of him when he was slim and a competitive water skier, but I have no memories of that. If I am being totally raw here, because of his weight issues, I was judged by my family a lot for what I put in my mouth. There were some really hurtful statements that have stuck with me through the years and today, it is still a very sensitive issue for me.


When I was thin in high school, I also was also criticized. That just unleashes a whole other part of childhood that we don’t need to dig into today. But suffice to say I have always struggled with my weight. Even on my graduation day when I weighed in at 108 lbs, I still saw a ‘chubby girl’ in the mirror and I was never satisfied with how I looked. 


My self-confidence struggles help me empathize with my clients and coach them better.

This history is one of the reasons I am drawn to Brand Photography, especially working with women. I can help you feel confident in front of the camera. I am no stranger to insecurities.


As a photographer, I have learned lots of tricks to make me feel confident and in control of my image. I pass these tips onto my clients. But it goes beyond that for me! This is why I love to connect with my clients on a much more personal level. I’m not just showing up for a photoshoot and snapping pictures. It is more than that for me, and it is honestly why I take my time when building up to a shoot. Our goal of course is your business and leveling up that personal brand. But in order to make you feel completely comfortable, it is not a transactional experience when you work with me. I will get to know you, your brand story, and your insecurities. We may even end up friends!


I genuinely love my clients and want to see them succeed. I want them to love their images as much as I do! That takes more than just knowing the right settings of the camera. It is about a personal experience that brings you joy and lifts you up.

Confidence comes from within

But confidence doesn’t just come from someone telling you “look” good. It comes from the inside! You have to believe in yourself first. I can’t say I have conquered this completely. But, I have come a long way from that girl who saw through the eyes of her parents. 

Thinking it’s time for a session?

Hopefully, this helps give you some insight into me and my own confidence issues in front of the camera. Know that I am here for you, I understand your hesitation and I promise it’s not so scary once we talk through it! If you’re on the fence, just schedule a call and I can answer all your questions.

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