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Increasing self-confidence as a business owner

March 9, 2021

When you own a personal business, it can be hard to shake off insecurities and you can get down to the business of helping clients. Today, we have Michelle with Dare Clarity and the Cafe Mindset on Facebook here to help us get out of our own way and get more clients. Here are her six tips for increasing self-confidence as a business owner and clearing the path to getting clients in a saturated online space easier. 


Six Tips for increasing self-confidence as a business owner

1. Stop Procrastinating 

It might be easier for you to sit in you comfort zone dreaming about your laptop lifestyle, but if you aren’t doing the work, your business can’t work for you. Ask yourself who you need to be to get the results you want and take the steps to start becoming that person. The more you do, the closer you get to your goal, increasing your self-confidence. 


2. Make yourself visible

Making yourself the face of your business can be scary AF. Especially when you think about the reach of the internet. The more often you make yourself visible, the further your reach will go and the easier it will be when you have a line of clients waiting to work with you. Working with a branding strategist and a branding photographer (oh hey, I know a great one!) can help you gain confidence in yourself and your brand. 


3. Ditch your imposter syndrome 

It’s easy to fall into the self-doubt trap with the negative conversations you have with yourself. No one talks to you more than you. Increase your self-confidence by looking to previous experiences where you accomplished a task well. Self-reflection and memories of previous achievements can help to shush that inner critic. 


4. Stop comparing yourself to others!

One of the biggest thieves of confidence that leads a new service-based entrepreneur into self sabotage is your need to compare where you are at on your journey to someone who’s established in the arena.  This is a fight you’re having in your own head with yourself, no one else. Stop giving your valuable time to comparisons and be confident in where you are as the place you are meant to be to get to where you’re going. It’ll also reduce overwhelm and keep you from putting systems in place that you aren’t ready for yet. 


5. Create clear goals

Getting clear goals of what you want to achieve gives you something to work towards, and you can celebrate your wins along the way. Having a goal creates a commitment and encourages a new routine. Commitments boost performance and each step, even if doesn’t work, helps you to overcome the uneasiness of things beyond your control. 


6. Get over your fears 

Just like the first tip, it’s easier for you to sit in your comfort zone than it is to take action, especially when you’re in a new arena doing things you e never done before. You have to want your dream, more than you want your drama and it’s generally not the fear itself that’s the problem. It’s your reaction to the fear. When you are able to face the fear head-on, you’ll find that the story in your head was really just that. When you can take a brave step and lean into your fear, the easier those situations will become for you. 


Results come when you work on


Following these tips not only help increase your confidence, but you’ll be able to reduce overwhelm from overthinking and find it easier to move forward consistently into the unknown as the leader you were born to be.  When you get clear about what you want, start showing up and taking action, the clients follow. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

About the author


Michelle Cornies is a Confidence and Success Coach for new service based female entrepreneurs. She teaches on topics like self confidence as a business owner, goal setting, consistency, and attracting more clients. An empty-nester and lover of all things dog, whose personal motto is “when a woman refuses to surrender her future to self-doubt and fear, her success has no limit.” 


When she’s not vacationing on a beach in her flip flops, she’s empowering women to gain confidence and clarity by removing the self-doubt, fears and overwhelm of building a business so they can reach their goals, faster.  



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