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How Often Should You Update Your Brand Imagery?

February 9, 2021

Now that you totally nailed your brand photoshoot and have personal brand imagery to use, how often should you update your brand imagery? A refresher is really dependent on what platforms you’re marketing on and where your ideal clients are finding you. Here are a couple of general rules you should consider.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

AKA – How Google decides if you have a great website or not

SEO is the algorithm that Google uses to decide which websites to display when someone searches for something like “wedding florists near me.” It uses details such as the readability of your website, the relevance of information, keywords, alt text (the accessibility feature that describes each image on your page), image descriptions, and age of the content to assess whether your website is a good match for the Google search. Then Google ranks it against other websites that may be a good match. The algorithm is incredibly detailed! One of the things that makes Google “happy” is when you frequently update your images and copy. You should be refreshing your brand imagery on your website about every three months, and auditing the alt text and descriptions in the process. 

As you use your professional images, you will go through your personal branding content fairly quickly. Don’t feel like you need to totally redesign your website or change out every image. Make a few, impactful upgrades to stay fresh, new, and up to date!

small business owner typing on laptop, designing website, and updating brand imagery

The fast pace and demands of social media

Many social media platforms require daily posting in order to stay engaged with your audience. Posting every day requires a lot of original content. When you’re using your brand imagery on a daily basis in front of the same audience, it starts to wear out. Although we can’t all have a professional photographer follow us around and take behind-the-scenes images every day, you can plan strategically with an ideal goal of having professional imagery shot seasonally, or 3-4 times a year. 

Making the most out of your branding session

When we plan your session, we can discuss the mileage–so to speak–you need to get out of your images. For instance, if you’re booking a session in October, we should be thinking ahead to the holiday season. We can plan for a lighter fall outfit, a winter look, or even think ahead to what Valentine’s Day content you’ll be needing. You have a few outfit and location changes to play with in order to achieve what you need. You should work with a BRAND Photographer, someone who is well versed in branding and understands the strategy behind the images they are taking. 

I could go on, but that is for another post! Let me know if you have questions 😉



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