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January 26, 2021

To make sure you get the most out of my time with you and know exactly what to expect from your product or food photography session, we’ll start coordinating two to four weeks in advance. These studio styled shoots are meticulous and detail-oriented. They take a lot of trial and error to capture your vision. Be sure to check your email and coordinate with me prior to the session so that we can create all the product images your brand needs!


What to expect from a product photography session

In a normal product photography session, we will accomplish fully styled product photos for 5 to 8 products, depending on the complexity of your products. For my chef friends, expect us to complete 5 dishes, or conclude at 8 hours (whichever is completed first).  

Preparation Time – 9+ Hours

  • 1 Hour completing branding form
  • 30 Minute review of Amanda Richardson Styled Product Photography Prep Guide
  • 1.5 Hours Shoot list planning call with Amanda
  • 2-3 Hours Product Planning, Shopping for Accessories, or Recipe Planning
  • For chefs – 2 Hours Grocery Shopping
  • 1 Hour Final Prep Call with Amanda
  • For chefs – 4-7 Hours food prep before and during shoot
  • 1 Hour cleaning and preparing the workspace


Travel time and overnight stays vary based on location. 

Cook Time

We’ll be shooting for up to 8 hours together. 

For chefs:

  • Each dish is finished and assembled on shoot day. Keep all ingredients as separated as possible until the last minute to maintain freshness and appropriate temperatures.
  • Full dinner spread setups are considered two dishes. If you would like a full dinner spread shot and then those dishes to be individually shot, the shot of the dinner spread will be considered two dishes because of the amount of time that goes into that setup.
  • You will likely need duplicates of those dishes because once assembled and shot, depending on the dish, we have limited time to work with it while it looks fresh.

Trial and error for plating take a tremendous amount of time. 

    • Garnishing dishes for photos is not always done the same as garnishing for a guest
    • You will probably have more on hand and prepare more than we need for plating and garnishing. It is better to be overprepared than not have what we need to make the images look complete.
    • We will use plates the size of saucers, as most of the time a salad plate can even be too big!
    • Plates should be matte and not glossy.
    • It’s possible we will create a dish to look different than you would typically serve it. 
    • Side dishes like rice and potatoes can be a challenge to style well, so we will be very deliberate when planning the shoot.

For other creatives:

For non-food product photography sessions, you can expect to accomplish 5 to 8 products during our session. The session will be capped at eight hours, or whenever we’ve accomplished our goals together. If your product does not require fresh ingredients or refrigeration, then we can move more quickly through styling and documenting your products.

I will provide all lighting equipment needed and make use of the space provided. For styling purposes, you will be responsible for providing accessories. You may want to consider:

If you’re note quite sure what to prepare, we’ll talk about it together!

product photography of cheese being grated over pasta

Let cool before serving | When will you get your product photos back?

Post-processing, or editing, can take up to a couple of weeks depending on my client and travel schedule. I promise I am so excited to get these images back to you! I deliver galleries as soon as humanly possible. These images are my product. As excited as I am to share them with the world, I will also take the time to make sure they’re perfect before I give them back.


Still have questions about what to expect from a product photography session? My inbox is always open! Go ahead, reach out or inquire here.

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