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How I’m Choosing to Remember 2020

January 19, 2021

We have all felt the sting of 2020. For me personally, I want to share this year victoriously. If we are to move forward, then I know I need to put a positive spin on a year that has felt like an eternity for all of us. I am reframing my memories of 2020 to highlight what blessings I was given, and extract the lessons I can learn. 

the beginning

When I peer back to the beginning of the year, the business was in full swing! I was flying all over the country for clients and scheduled to speak on a panel in NYC, as well as at the USPCA national conference in Florida come July. The momentum and energy was infectious and I was so excited for what the year would bring! 


Then, of course, Covid hit hard. Flights were canceled and cities started shutting down. The momentum that propelled me faded with the force of a brick wall. I am not ashamed to say I had a pity party. But, after a couple weeks, I started to realize all the things I was thankful for. 

our blessings

Although my husband was trapped overseas (and would be for the entire year), he still had a job and we still had an income. That was so much more than so many people had and have now. It doesn’t take away from the difficulty of being apart for a very challenging year, but certainly a reason to be grateful.


I am also thankful for unanswered prayers. Our college-age son took a gap year and was supposed to travel overseas as well, but his plans were canceled. We could have easily had him trapped in a foreign country with little to no communication and no way of knowing when he would return. 


Finally, our oldest two children were both blessed with new jobs! In a year where joblessness was a huge concern for many, we are choosing to remember these blessings of 2020.

my family and how we choose to remember 2020

other 2020 challenges

The year was difficult for reasons beyond the pandemic as well. 


During the summer, I had a severe, six-week-long migraine that temporarily impacted my vision and ability to work. This is something I am still seeking more answers on, but I am beyond thankful that my travel and workload at that time was reduced and manageable. I won’t call it a blessing in disguise. Covid blessed no one. But, the value of that slower pace is not lost on me.


In October, I lost my mom due to dementia. Covid robbed me of being with her during her final weeks. It wasn’t until her last day that I was able to say goodbye. 


All this loss was hard to swallow.

I am still


In a year where branding and planning ahead could have felt optional and uncertain, I am so incredibly thankful for the clients who have continued to support, inquire and book for the coming year. I am working hard to bring each of you more than just brand photography, but an experience that reshapes the way you view your brand image.


To prepare for 2021, I was able to hire a marketing director who has been a “God-send!” She fills in a lot of places where I fall short in understanding SEO, algorithms and how to craft better messaging. 


This allowed me to focus and design better systems for my business, ultimately making my client experience more fulfilling. I have bigger, bolder services coming in 2021 because of the time I took this year to explore what my clients need most.


So thank you again, for hanging with me. I am filled with optimism, hope, and energy for a year like none other! 


Happy 2021!

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