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The Five Essential Brand Images

January 12, 2021

When it comes to showing up and showing off your business online, there are a few images that are essential to telling your brand story. Modern consumers are interested in the whole story of the businesses they support. These five essential brand images will help you connect with your audience and draw in more ideal customers.

    1. Headshot
      This one is obvious. In order to connect with customers, you need to feel approachable. They want to see who you are. A great headshot is at the top of my essential brand images list!

headshot of creative female business owner in nc headshot session

    1. Clean, horizontal cover image with white space
      You will need neutral imagery with lots of white space for cover images for social profiles, banners for advertisements, prints ads and gift certificates, social media graphics, and more. The white space and neutral colors will allow you to seamlessly incorporate your photo with other marketing designs you’re working on, including adding text when necessary. During your brand session, I will be thinking about all the different ways your images will be used so I can provide the variety you need. Pro tip: white space doesn’t need to be white! It just needs to be muted or neutral colors, and have very few–if any–visual elements. This draws all the attention to you, and allows you to use the image more flexibly.¬†


    1. Your place of business
      This is especially important if you own a brick and mortar location! However, many of my clients do not, and that’s okay. If you spend your time working on your business in coffee shops, then we can work there. The goal is to give your audience a peek into your world.

essential brand images of female chef in her place of business

    1. Candid while at work
      This is part of educating people about what you do and why you do it. You love your job, and your audience will see that in your behind the scenes photos.


Your product or service
Are you an expert artist at plating and display? Show it off! While not technically a branding photo, your product images are essential images to telling your brand story. At the end of the day, you have to remember to sell what you do.

food product photography of pasta dish

These are the top five essential brand images to tell your brand story. However, they’re just the basics of what I provide in a brand session!

For more on what’s included in a branding session, visit¬†Recipe of a Branding Session

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