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Creating Images from Your Phone

December 29, 2020

Everyone is upping their social media game these days, so the standard for imagery and visual branding is at an all-time high. 2021 is your year to have a flawless feed! But, you can’t always have a professional photographer follow you around for behind the scenes and real-time content. That’s okay! Creating images from your phone is more simple than you think. You don’t have to have lighting equipment and studio space. Phones these days have awesome cameras to help you create your own, high-quality social media content.


“But I’ve tried doing my own images, and they always look dull and DIY.”


Okay, I hear you. Just like with my camera, the equipment doesn’t magically make the photographer. Your phone is a powerful tool, you just need a few pointers in the right direction! I’ll teach you how to get that pop that makes followers stop scrolling and pay attention.
carefully plated mobile image created by amanda richardson photography, personal culinary brand photographer on the east coast

You CAN create great food images from your phone!

I created a guide that goes in-depth on setting up, capturing, and editing your own images from your phone, particularly helpful for food and product photography. Food can be SO tricky to photograph, but I’m happy to share my tips and secrets with you! I cover lighting, settings, props, things to avoid, and post-processing so you can start creating images from your phone that look professional and clean.


Not only am I sharing how to set up and take intriguing images, I’m also sharing my editing app in detail. I’ll walk you through adjustments you can make, how each slider impacts the images, and even take a dull, unedited image step by step through my process to a professional finish! This is the part clients struggle with most. After all, you’re a business owner, not a professional photographer! This guide was intended to help you create great imagery all year round. When paired with your brand imagery, it makes your business look high end and helps you grow your following.


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how to style and take great images of fresh foods from your mobile device

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