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Genuine Social Media Prompts for the New Year

December 22, 2020

As we roll into 2021, social media will get flooded with New Year’s wishes from friends, family, and businesses. You’re going to see lots of resolutions, goals, and fresh mindsets, especially after all the challenges of 2020! This is a great time to make sure you’re engaging with your audience and staying at the top of their feeds for the new year. Here are some genuine social media prompts for the new year to help you connect!


Show what you’re working on for the new year

If there’s one thing we all need in 2021, it’s a little humor and a lot of motivation. Seeing people do great things and accomplish their own goals always inspires others. You might get overlooked with the cliché 2021 goals posts, but there are ways to share this information with a spin that makes you stand out.

Talk about the progress you’re making towards a project that’s been personally challenging for you. Give your customers a look behind the scenes at the things you might NOT be good at but are trying! This humanizes you and helps you connect with people who are also looking at their year and identifying difficult things to try and accomplish.

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Share a “How To” 

At the start of the year, people are often interested in learning new things or picking up new hobbies. Education doesn’t have to be a tenant of your brand for you to offer some expertise this time of year. For my culinary clients, you could share one recipe or culinary skill that you don’t have to have a commercial kitchen to master. This kind of delicious content is bound to get some shares! Plus, it helps your SEO strategy. Here’s how.


Recap your favorite 2020 moments.

This year is going to live in our memories however we choose to highlight it. I know we’re all breathing a sigh of relief that it’s over and hoping for better days ahead, but this unique year was also filled with wonderful moments and more time spent at home.

Pull out your favorite memories, and this will inspire others to reflect on their year in a positive way as well. Positivity is contagious! Want to take it one step further? Get some valuable social media engagement by hosting a “moments of 2020” contest and get your followers to share their favorite memories too. This gets people inviting their friends to see your content while spreading good vibes–win/win!

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Offer your

Loyal Customers

a peek into the year

Have an email list or group of regulars you want to reward? Keep them coming back all year by offering an exclusive look at your year ahead. You can be general, and share some new offers, specials, or events you’re planning without yet having all the details. This gives them a reason to keep following along for more information.

While you’re at it, consider taking this one step further and sharing detailed offers for 2021. Create a calendar of sales, coupons, events, or noteworthy dates coming up for your business. An exclusive offer from you will put your company at the top of their favorites list! Plus, they may share with their friends.

Write a genuine letter of thanks

Thank your customers for a great year. It may have been a rocky one, but there are always plenty of people to thank. Your employees, family, customers, and partners will appreciate the shout out. This is a great time to mention suppliers, partners, and collaborative businesses that you want to do more great things within the coming year. Tag them in a post, which will give you both a little visibility boost!
Social media doesn’t have to be hard. These social media prompts for the new year will help you refresh your content and start with a strong brand voice. Each new year is a surge of new content and fresh ideas, but your voice and brand message can stand out among all of the social media buzz. Keep showing up and being your authentic self, and you’ll keep seeing growth. Consistency pays off!

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