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Indie Business Network Founder, Donna Maria

December 10, 2020

What a treat it was to finally have the opportunity to work with Donna Maria! This soft-spoken, beautiful woman always comes prepared and is one of the most passionate, fun-loving business owners I have ever had the pleasure to meet!

To give you some background, Donna Maria founded the Indie Business Network which was the “first for-profit recurring revenue membership business on the Internet”. Leaving her corporate work as an attorney back in 2000, she launched this business without a net! Wanting to live life on her own terms, she created a new template for doing business online, forging the way for so many that have come after her.

I honestly don’t know how anyone can keep up with her energy! Donna Maria not only supports thousands of entrepreneurs every day with her site, but she is also an active member of her community in Charlotte, NC, touching countless lives by contributing to her local Chambers as well as multiple publications including Charlotte Area Association of Black Journalist and the award-winning QCity Metro!

It is always a treat for me to work with someone as motivated and energetic as Donna Maria, but I especially enjoyed this Mini Branding Session with her because she truly lights up a room as soon as she walks into it.

As women, we are always so nervous and avoid having our photo taken for as long as possible, but as you can see from these images, she should be in front of the camera every day! I have been really excited to share these photos because they capture so much of Donna Maria’s beauty, spirit, and overall love for living life to the fullest!


Charlotte, NC – January 10th    |     DC AREA – February 4th


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