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How to Find the Perfect Branding Photographer for your Small Business Needs

November 17, 2020

If you Google “headshot photographer, corporate photographer, commercial photography”, etc near you, you are likely to get a list of every photographer in your area. Some studios make you sit on a bench in front of a backdrop and smile at the camera – and as a creative small business with lots of personality, I know you want more. Try using alternate search terms, like “personal branding photographer and small business photographers”. Personal branding sessions go waaay beyond headshots, showing an all-encompassing, behind the scenes look at you and your business which most followers crave these days. Once you’ve found some options, here’s how to zero in on the best fit for you:


    Consistency is key for continuing to curate your brand. Does the photographer’s style match with the visual brand you’ve been building? Do they offer a portfolio beyond just headshots, including behind the scenes, personal details, and other shots you could use in lieu of “stock” photography for your feed? Are there both indoor and outdoor images? This is a major one–it shows skills in a variety of lighting scenarios. Since branding photography usually takes place in your place of business, not a photography studio, this is a really important consideration. 


    Serious question–do you even like them? Have a look through their social media and blog. You want to be relaxed for your session. Making a connection with your photographer will show in your images, promise. If you feel like they’re really there to help you further your business and you’re not just another client, then you’re more likely to capture a library of imagery that represents you well and will help you connect with your followers. 


    Are their clients writing about the experience of working with them? What are past customers saying? Do past clients still interact with them online? Are there any extended testimonials you can read? This content will be really helpful in showing the real results of working with that photographer. Remember that Instagram is a curated view of the very best. Words from past clients are the most powerful way to evaluate someone’s skill. That said, there are always clients who don’t connect well with even the best photographer. So one or two bad remarks isn’t a huge red flag.

Hope this helps you find a great branding photographer who fits your style and makes you feel confident in front of the camera! I promise it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. I serve small business owners throughout North Carolina and Virginia, particularly Charlotte, Wilmington, and DC area. I would love to hear from you, where you are, what you do, and how you found this blog. Leave me a comment below!

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