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Differentiate Yourself With A Compelling Visual Brand

November 3, 2020

Building a consistent visual brand is an important part of differentiating yourself from your competition and continuing to attract new customers. A well-established brand puts forth a professional image that people are naturally drawn to. I know a lot of entrepreneurs out there are creating and managing their own brands in addition to the many other hats you wear to keep your business running smoothly. There is only one problem: You (most likely) didn’t get into this line of work to be a branding specialist. You may not even have a clue where to start! So here are some great tools to help you easily pull your visual brand together.


A consistent set of fonts is essential to a solid visual brand. You should select a Title font, a body font, and a specialty font like a script or brushed lettering. You can search for and download unique fonts from resources like Dafont, Google Fonts, and Fontsly.

Logos, Graphics, and Templates

Canva is a great resource for creating a basic logo, graphics for your social media accounts, and corresponding branded elements like blog headers, email templates, letterheads, menus, and more. Not only do they have a lot of great templates to start with, but many were created by artists running small businesses just like you!

Color Scheme

A well-defined color scheme is another key element for consistent branding. I sometimes have a difficult time putting complimentary shades together on my own, but Adobe has made a free tool called Adobe Color. First, you pick one or two colors as a starting point, then Adobe will ask you to choose the ‘direction’ you want the colors to go in and they complete your color scheme. It even has a feature that allows people who are color blind to be able to read it. Very cool!

Scheduling Tools

Get in front of your followers consistently without logging in online every day. By using a scheduling tool for your social media you can gift yourself a tremendous amount of time on a daily basis. Some of my favorites are Planoly for Instagram (this is what I use!), Buffer and Hootsuite for multi-channel accounts, and Tailwind for Pinterest. Smarterqueue is a great (paid) program that allows you to build in rotating topics and save evergreen content for re-posting–content that’s essential to your business and always relevant, such as who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Check out my last article on this: Getting Your Time Back On Social Media

and don’t forget the photos!

Consistent photography is the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to visual branding. The images you use online, on social, in your print materials, and business cards all have to blend in with your beautiful brand image. You’ll quickly find social media demands high-quality, new imagery at a fast pace. A branding session can help you build a library of imagery with a lot of variety to give you what you need to confidently market online. Followers want to see more than your headshot and what products/services you offer. They want behind the scenes, personal details, and more. They want to know what your favorite coffee mug is, what your office space looks like, your pet’s names, and how it looks overall when you’re working from home. This is how followers make connections with business owners, and then become customers! I help people get personal with their branding imagery and show off their best entrepreneurial selves! Email me for more information: amanda@amandarichardsonphoto.com

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