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A brand story: Branding beyond logos and fonts

October 8, 2020

It’s national women’s small business month!

The world is celebrating female entrepreneurs and I am all for it! You’ve got a lot worth celebrating right now, as a part-time administrative assistant to your little virtual learners, a business owner, a household manager, and all the other wonderful things you handle. You are a Rockstar and this is your month to brag about it!

I’m also here to tell you that every month is your month to brag about it. You are the one thing that makes your business so unique. You bring the character, the mission, and the story that, partnered with your excellent service, allows your customers to build a personal connection with you and keep coming back for more. Talking about the woman behind the business doesn’t come naturally—you’re too humble and you know it. But it’s a really important part of continuing to grow your brand’s value and start to stand out amongst your competitors for not only what you do for a living, but who you are and why you do it. That’s when you get to the sweet part of entrepreneurship where you’ve built this wonderful base of recurring clients who trust and value you.

So how do you build this compelling, unique brand story?

Start with the most unique part of your business – you! You don’t have to write some long, drawn-out bio or about page and put your personal history down on paper and paste it in one place. Start with simple details that help you make connections with a new lead. Take photos of your day-to-day life throughout the week they seem mundane, but they are unique to you. Make personal details part of your rotating topics for social media, and pull from these photos.

When I open my own 2021 calendar and begin selecting my Charlotte and Wilmington NC branding session dates, maybe I snap a photo of that satisfying blank stationary and talk about what a nerdy-good feeling it is to open a fresh new calendar. You never know just what will spark people’s attention! It’s the small things over time that begin to paint a genuine picture of who you are. In the end, this results in more people who want to work with someone like you and weeds out those who might not ‘click’ with your personal style. Ultimately it’s a recipe for more rewarding work and clients in your future.

In addition, consider your inspiration for getting into business in the first place:

  • Has this always been your passion?
  • Did you break away from a corporate career?
  • How did you figure out that you loved this line of work?
  • Are there significant people in your life that inspire you to keep working hard?

Building a story around your company history when you need more comprehensive copy for your website, an article, or long-form content you may be publishing. Use pieces of these stories on your social media platforms too, growing a deeper connection with your audience while at the same time repurposing all that content. People want to know the kind of person they’re supporting when they patron your business. Remember to re-introduce yourself consistently, as people will probably come and go from your audience and won’t view everything you’ve been publishing.

Remember you are your business’ most valuable asset. You give life and personality to your brand. Your logo, fonts, and colors are necessary to your visual brand, but never let your branding strategy stop there. How you present yourself online and placing yourself as the center of your brand story is what is going to connect with your potential customers.

Speaking of personal branding! Have you been stalling and avoiding getting in front of the camera? Let’s update those stiff professional headshots that really don’t show off your personality!


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