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Planning Your Images Ahead

July 28, 2020

I know it is too soon to think about the holidays, but is it? Honestly, I just recorded a video this week that goes out in December! YIKES! I am trying to get a jump on things so that my content is banked and I can concentrate on my clients and my business instead of my content as the busy holiday season rolls in.

But that’s not the only reason to be focused on the next season when you are in the current one. You want to have fresh content and you want to be ahead of the game. YOU want to be ready to roll when “the other guy” is still scrambling to get their images and content together. And if it’s possible, during this holiday season, start thinking about the next holiday season.

When I am shooting images I am always thinking about a few I can put in the “bank” for the coming year so that I am ready to roll when I want to start promoting or writing about a fresh new year.

If you are starting to look to fall or holiday planning and need a little help getting your mind around it, shoot me an email, I am always here to help!

xo Amanda

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