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Your Social Media Profile Image

July 21, 2020


If you scan through all your top social media platforms you are on for business right now, what do you see when you land on your page?

Is it your face they see in the profile image?

    1. You want your audience to immediately connect with you when they land on your page
    2. People connect with people, not logos. Unless you are Nike or an actual brand, you want to be the face of your business.
    3. You want clients to feel like they are going to be talking to a person and have a personal experience if they reach out to your business.


Is the image the same across all platforms?

      1. You want to be 100% recognizable by your audience. You do not want your clients to have to wonder if they are in the right place when they jump from one platform to another. If your profile image is different from one place to the next, you may think it is recognizable, but a stranger may not.
      2. This same image should be included on the home page of your website stating what you do and who you do it for (and please don’t forget where you are located!!)
      3. It enhances your brand image to maintain consistency on each and every media platform you have control over.

As you can imagine I am passionate about the quality of the images you are displaying and we will get into a whole other conversation about that. Coming in August I am working on “Styling yourself with confidence” in an effort to get those quality images! Tell me, do you feel confident having your picture taken?

xo Amanda


Are you in the D.C./Balimore Area?

Serving my clients and bringing your stories to life is why I get up and travel great distances! I have chosen to be thankful for my time off during these challenging times and used it instead to enhance my client experiences.

Instead of flying, I am hitting the road these days! My first stop will be in the D.C./Baltimore area in AUGUST only! I will only be taking on 6 clients for The CEO or VIP Experience in these areas for the entire month and I will be booking on a first come first serve basis. So even if you have not run across my site before, if you know you are in a position where you know you need to level up your brand image, I encourage you to sign up for my email list or shoot me a personal email just to start a conversation! In the coming month, I will be talking all about styling from the waist up on your Zoom calls!

Send me an email and get the conversation started
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Here’s the thing, I HATE being in FRONT of the camera, do you? I used to avoid having my photo taken like the plague. I worry about my double chin, my back fat, my arm fat, and my greying hair, just to name a few. Sound familiar? Well, as women we are our own worst critics, but over time I have studied a lot about how to style us, pose us, and frankly when NOT to pose at all!

You are a savvy business owner and want to show your audience that you are an authority in your industry. With today’s visual-driven world, it’s important for personal branding photographers to understand their clients on a personal level more than ever.

This is where I figured out that there was a major gap in my industry! I will be honest, I got some push back, given that I had a totally different niche I was headed in! But I was so passionate about this that I dropped everything and went for it.

And I am so glad I did! Because Girl, you are beautiful and I am going to show you just how much!!! Check out how we recently transformed Executive Chef Lisa Brooks From Chef to C.E.O.!


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