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Getting Your Time Back From Social Media

July 16, 2020

Let’s quickly get your time back each month!

I am talking HUGE chunks of time on your calendar. It just clicked in with me and I feel like I just got my life back. No beating around the bush here.

Everyone keeps talking about repurposing content. Well, I’ve heard it over and over, but it just never stuck and I never quite understood it, maybe I am the only one, so just pass on this if I am pointing out the obvious, but if not, I am going to strip this down to bare bones!

  1. First and foremost you HAVE TO BLOG! Hate to tell you but blogging isn’t dead and it is a necessary evil to your online relevance.
    1. Write a full blog post. This could be and should be at least twice per month but optimum should be about once per week, I aim for twice per week.
  2. When you write twice per week, at least one post per week should be an “evergreen” post.
    1. An “evergreen” post is an article that is everlasting and can withstand time. It adds value to your audience no matter what. Here is the thing, they don’t have to be earth-shattering, groundbreaking, or life-changing! They can be simple and to the point. It is what you will do with these articles after that will give you your time back!
    2. The second blog post each week for me, is either about my clients, my personal updates or some kind of theme I have going each month. It will depend on the time of year and the kind of campaigns I am running at that time that will drive what else I am writing about.
  3. Once you have these posts written, take out your social media scheduler (I use Planoly) and keep the posts open as well.
    1. Start breaking down the posts into bite-sized portions and selecting photos that coordinate appropriately with the small bits of content.
    2. Each segment can lead to the next you can post them as 1 of 5 etc or just as little snippets of educational information. Remember we are not trying to reinvent the wheel! We are just trying to stay top of mind!

The most important part of this is to keep your content “evergreen” so that you continue to establish yourself as an expert and maintain the attention of your audience.

That’s it, short and sweet today!

xo Amanda

D.C./Virginia area

Serving my clients and bringing your stories to life is why I get up and travel great distances. I have chosen to be thankful for my time off during these challenging times and used it instead to enhance my client experiences.

My first stop will be in the D.C./Virginia area in AUGUST only! I will only be taking on 6 clients in these areas for the entire month and I will be booking on a first come first serve basis.

If you would like to learn more about what it looks like to work with me simply send me an email and get the conversation started


  1. Love this!! Using content over and over is KEY! ❤️

  2. […] Get in front of your followers consistently without logging in online every day. By using a scheduling tool for your social media you can gift yourself a tremendous amount of time on a daily basis. Some of my favorites are Planoly for Instagram (this is what I use!), Buffer and Hootsuite for multi-channel accounts, and Tailwind for Pinterest. Smarterqueue is a great (paid) program that allows you to build in rotating topics and save evergreen content for re-posting–content that’s essential to your business and always relevant, such as who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Check out my last article on this: Getting Your Time Back On Social Media […]

  3. […] I know it feels like we just barely got through the longest summer ever, but the holidays are here! As business owners, we are always thinking weeks and months ahead when it comes to planning our promotions, content, and client schedules. If your mind is not already recovering from a Turkey coma and working on Black Friday deals, then you’re behind the game. I am sure you have noticed that throughout November and December, your inbox is flooded with news of launches, sales, discounts, new products, holiday gift ideas, opportunities, and on and on and on. It’s a bit overwhelming! You don’t need to add to all this noise by offering yet another discount or sale that devalues your brand and work. Try these tricks to serve your clients this holiday season and cut through all the holiday communication. GET PERSONAL There’s a trend in this marketing, branding, and client communication advice and it all leads back to utilizing your business’s strongest asset–YOU! This builds connections with your followers and converts them to forever clients. You know, the ones that are always sharing your name with friends, coming back every year, forwarding your posts and emails. The holidays are a very sentimental time of year. Share personal stories and family traditions, what your kids are begging you for this year, and how you’ll be spending your holidays. People are curious by nature, and personal details give them an opportunity to remember you just a little more. START EARLY So early! I’ve talked before about how people need to connect with or see you an average of seven times before making a buying decision. When it comes to the holidays, people tend to buy a little more impulsively… however, there’s a LOT of competition! Stay in the front of people’s mind and the top of their inboxes early on when the competition is lower. Have a new offer, a sale, new product, or announcement? Start teasing the news weeks ahead, even if you don’t know all the details yet. Talk about it on all your channels. Countdown to your announcement. Then, let them know it’s a limited time frame, and remind them when it’s ending. You don’t want anyone to miss out! BE GENUINE Keep connecting with people you want to work with, but don’t expect every conversation to be a sale. Create a database chock full of people you want to stay in contact with, work with in the future, or build connections with. Send them a personal holiday card and ask how their season (and business, if applicable) is going. Most of our businesses boil down to serving people. It happens through sales and services, but our hearts are in it for the people. Make genuine connections, and you’ll find that people remember you weeks, months, or even years later when they or a friend are looking for your services. Remember this holiday season to plan ahead, and take some time to relax with your family and be thankful. Get those posts and emails preplanned now, and you’ll be thanking yourself in December when you have down time, and your business isn’t skipping a beat! Stuck on how to start writing your holiday content? Check out my social content writing tips to make your editorial calendar a breeze: (link to: ) […]

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