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Beauty Is In The Details

July 6, 2020

Details have become my favorite part of the job when I am on a shoot. I find details inspiring, they enhance and support the environment around the story I tell. I am not a videographer so I am not able to pull you into the surroundings all at once, I have to be more strategic and figure out what will fit with the subject at hand when I shoot.

From colors and textures to different angles and light, details add tremendous interest and perspective to the overall gallery of images I deliver to my clients.

So what do details have to do with social media? Actually, lots! But ‘details’ photos will look very different from one photoshoot to the next. For example, when I am on-site doing a brand shoot at a bakery for a Culinary Coach, the cupcakes and coffee cups are the details. However, if I were actually doing a brand shoot for the bakery independently then those cupcakes and cups would be some of the main focus photos and the details would be the sprinkles and coffee beans. Make sense?

It is how we use the images to tell our story and social media is all about sharing our stories. So we have to assemble the details in a way that flows and bridges the gaps between some of the bigger, bolder images and messages you are trying to communicate to your audience. Mainly I think of Instagram when I consider this because the Instagram grid layout can be challenging if you do not know how to set it up to make it appear fluid and visually appealing.

There is a method to the madness of pairing images together and there is a reason why some look so nice next to each other and some just look “off”. I tried to write this all out for you and decided it would be easiest to do an online workshop for you and share my screen.

So, on Tuesday, July 21st at 1 PM EST, I will be doing a FREE Workshop! We will cover how to do a professional image layout. This will not only cover social media, but other image collections for your website or blog posts as well!

Click below to sign up now and reserve your spot! You will get a Zoom link and reminder email prior to the Workshop beginning. I am keeping the course small so that it can be interactive and people can ask questions.

If you have any questions, please email me at

xo Amanda


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