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My Unique Approach To Your [Social Media] Branding Photoshoot

June 30, 2020

In July, I am dedicated to talking about social media branding and how it relates to imagery. This is actually a pretty huge topic and I want to break it down by first explaining my approach to a [social media] branding photoshoot and why it may look a little different then what you typically see from other photographers. I want to start with the ‘wide angle’ and then ‘zoom in’ for you to address specific pain points that I hear you saying affect you directly regularly when it comes to social media.

First and foremost I want to explain I am not a social media expert, I am a Photography expert. Therefore, these articles will apply to a wide variety of platforms and not any one in particular. Instead, I speak to the quality of images that you are going to apply across the various media you use.

As you may or may not know, I come from the #cheflife world. That means I know life in the kitchen is fast-paced and real. I don’t believe everything needs to be staged and understand everyone does not feel like a supermodel. Now, that doesn’t mean I want to make you look like you are wearing a garbage bag either lol, I am looking out for you and I am very picky! (Think special Styling Intensive! Stay tuned for another article on that! ?) But, I believe there is a fine line we can find when it comes to branding ourselves and our businesses with branding and social media and merging those two worlds.

Which is exactly why you find me putting [social media] branding in brackets, because isn’t it all branding really? I have determined overtime working with my clients using different kinds of collections that it all really boils down to the same needs and the same pain points, so my mission is to solve those for you, simply and effectively!

Catching you in action behind-the-scenes at an event like I just did for Chef Lisa Brooks is exactly what your audience wants to see. They don’t always care about seeing you sitting at your computer holding a coffee mug, don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for these staged photos and we capture these too. But sometimes I think you (my client) can lose sight of what your audience craves from you and that is to see you interacting with your clients, laughing, and serving your amazing food! This is the time you want those images to be gorgeous! 

You can’t just grab iPhone photos as your servers run food out of the kitchen, I mean you can, but how you present yourself goes a long way to communicating how professional your entire experience is going to come across to your guests. This is where professional photography makes a huge impact.

I will be the first to tell you if you don’t need professional photography, a little weird, right? Being that that is my business. But I can spot you from a mile away when you NEED professional photography! I can tell within minutes of a conversation if someone is ready for my services by just asking a few questions. Here is how I flush it out. If you can answer yes to these three questions then we should definitely talk!

  1. Have you been in business for more than 3 years (and has your business survived or even increased since the Covid crisis)?
  2. Do you create an exceptional experience for your guests but never really fell you have time to show off what you do?
  3. Have you tried to have yourself, your staff, or other contracted workers take pictures that just didn’t capture the look and feel of the ultimate vision for your business?


If you have answered YES to these questions then simply shoot me an email at and we can get the conversation started about your [social media] branding needs.

xo Amanda



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