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Seeing The Bigger Picture

June 18, 2020

How handsome is this husband of mine? I am so thankful for him every single day!

In business we push through, it can be messy and frustrating but we persevere for the bigger picture and at times it can be hard to keep our eye on the ball. Well, when you have a long distance marriage the same rules apply.

If you have followed our story, and I haven’t shared a lot recently, Craig is overseas in Doha, Qatar for work. To learn about why he is there and some background please read Top 3 Questions We Get Asked About Living Apart. The last time Craig was home was back in December for the holiday’s when we spent Christmas in the Mountains of North Carolina with the kids.

In January I headed to Texas to shoot the Sharpen 2020 Conference, I remember being in the hotel and chatting on FaceTime with Craig. We had our calendars out, as usual, trying to coordinate when I was going to be able to fly back overseas to see him (it was my turn to fly out there). Because of the way my work schedule was building we were worried I was barely going to have a week to spend there in the spring. Little did we know, the whole world would be coming to a halt.

Now we are into mid-June, Father’s Day is coming up and Craig’s birthday has just passed. We have missed a lot of celebrations together over the past few years and it has started to get harder, not easier to be apart. In some ways our routine is fluid, we are settled in to the day-to-day FaceTime calls and we have never missed one! But especially for Craig, because he has to work from home, and for the most part, he has no contact with the outside world, it makes for some really ‘blue’ days.

We have been on the edge of our seat anxiously awaiting word from the Qatar government as to when he can leave the country and still be allowed to return. Finally it was released that August 1st is projected to be that date. While we are happy that it is only a couple months away now, we have actually decided to focus on the bigger picture!

Instead of coming home for just a couple weeks in August and two weeks in December, we are opting to wait it out an entire year of not seeing each other and having Craig home for six weeks from Thanksgiving to New Years (he will have to work a little while he is here to pull it off, but it’s a no brainer)! This also means we even get to squeeze in our Anniversary together this year! Oh baby he is in for LOTS of pictures LOL!

So as much as we all miss him terribly, we are all of the understanding that the best things are worth waiting for! And this man is ALWAYS worth the wait.

xo Amanda

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