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My Biggest Pet Peeves About Food Photos

May 20, 2020

I was recently asked this question in an interview and wanted to share my full response:

“Brown food images are my biggest pet peeve when it comes to food photos. I get uncomfortable just thinking about it. There is just something about a brown or yellow food image that really turns me off and makes me cringe. I understand not everyone knows how to edit the color out, but just being mindful of what you are putting out there to the world makes a big difference. I have seen high-end places putting these types of images online and although it may not feel like a big enough pain point to do something about, I think they would find a huge shift if they elevated their images to match their brand. 

Also matching your style to your restaurant is a big problem I see. People want to know what to expect when they arrive at your establishment. A great example of this is when I met with a restaurant owner that had two local establishments. She wanted to elevate their online presence with new images and knew this was important as they were designing a new menu.

But from the moment I started speaking with her everything she described wanting to capture was exactly the opposite of what she was portraying to the public. For example, although her website needed updating, it still had a high-end feel. However, when I made this assumption she quickly corrected me and explained she had no interest in being considered high-end. She wanted to come across as a place for casual dining and socializing. So ultimately she had to make a choice from how her staff was dressed to the $21 gourmet burger. This particular issue was larger than just brand images, but it speaks to challenges that so many culinary professionals face.

It is so important to know who you are and where you are headed as a business. Brand is not just about color or logos, it is about the look and feel of your style and ultimately who you want to serve. When you work with me, even before we work together, we talk extensively about your vision and who your customer is. Without a clear vision of where you are going it is impossible to capture exactly who you are as a business and an owner.”

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