Boston Here I Come! - Amanda Richardson Photography

Boston Here I Come!

March 6, 2020

So the month of March has me running in circles! For fun I thought I would take you along behind-the-scenes and to be honest I’ve had some writer’s block lately lol!

This week is my “down time”. I’ve had several meetings with new clients, as well as my current clients, new vendors and potential assistants! In between all of that I am keeping my education up to date and did a little studio work too!

On the personal side, I have made sure that the dog has care during some of my time away. Lily will be going on a week-long sleep over with her BFF Milo, my daughter Katelyn and her boyfriend Chris. They are preparing for a week of sleepless nights as Milo and Lily like to “sneak” onto the bed all night and kick each other off. Sooooo, good luck guys!

The boys will be home and taking care of Lily the rest of the time, but the week I am home for one night every other day would just be too much for our sensitive pup! My youngest is planning to have his college friends over while I am away “so he doesn’t bother me” I am choosing to believe that is the reason, what are your thoughts? haha

On the business front, my schedule is a busy blessing! I get to first travel to Boston, MA on the 9th. My husband is originally from the Boston area and I grew up in NH. It isn’t often we go back to New England these days except on layovers. But, you better believe my first meal will be seafood!

I am going to be shooting the “Open Book Open House” night hosted by Chef Irene Li of Mei Mei Boston. This is going to be such a cool experience to be a part of as owner Chef Irene opens up her books to the public for the third year in a row and is sharing how and why things cost what they do in the culinary industry. Attendees will “Learn how Mei Mei provides benefits, keeps turnover low, and operates as sustainably as we know how, minimizing food waste and sourcing from local farms and vendors. And, speak candidly about the financial realities of running our business and the problems we’re still trying to solve.”

With an anticipated attendance of over 200 culinary professionals, it will be incredibly insightful and it is an honor to partner with Chef Irene, Toast POS, and Rethink Restaurants. I can’t wait to share this experience with all of you after I am done!

Next up is my photoshoot with Monica Thomas owner of Tailored Tasted and Tailored Taste Coaching in the Washington, DC area on March 14th! Stay tuned!

Below are some pictures from the Mei Mei Boston Event!