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How To Effectively Use Your Headshots

February 20, 2020

Many of my clients ask me about headshots. I want to talk a little about what a headshot is and how you can use them.

First, a headshot is just that a “headshot”. It is from the shoulders up for the most part. Many people confuse a headshot with a portrait or vice versa. A headshot is used for things like your online profiles, media kits etc. You can even crop the right professional portrait image to use as a headshot, just remember to try to make it vertical or squared and not horizontal.

Second, when it comes to your business profiles, pick your favorite image and use the same one for all your online profiles. This is so you are clearly recognizable to your audience. I mean it when I say use it in ALL profiles too! If you want to use something a little more fun in your profiles, that is fine too, just don’t use your logo, use a picture of your beautiful face and use the same one! People connect with people not logos. Unless you have a brand like Nike, your logo is likely not going to be the first thing people think of when they think of your brand.

You want to personally represent yourself so that you build trust which ultimately leads to more clients and customers. As a business owner and/or Chef you want to build long lasting relationships with clients and vendors alike. Putting a professional face on your brand can all begin with this image.

I will be honest, taking headshots does not light me up as a photographer, but when you work with me personally, because I love to take things a step further and give you the biggest “bang for your buck”, I shoot not only your headshot but include with that a “Mini Branding Session”. If you would like to know more about Mini Branding Sessions please reach out in the contact form below as these sessions are not outlined on the website.

Our Branding Experience is where you can learn the most about your culinary niche and then take action by pairing your brand with quality imagery! We changed all our branding collections to include complimentary Brand Coaching!

If you would like to learn more, please inquire at or fill out the Inquiry form on our website.