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headshot of woman sitting at a white desk in our Virginia photography studio, wearing a light blue blouse and looking at the camera with a slight smile and strong posture. Image by Amanda Richardson Brand Photography.

How To Effectively Use Your Headshots in 2022

February 20, 2020

We get a lot of Headshot requests for Charlotte, NC. While that’s not our main specialty, we do create strategic and creative headshots throughout all our branding experiences. I want to talk a little about what a headshot really is and how you can use it purposefully. There’s more to using your headshot effectively than you think!

What is a headshot?

First, a headshot is just that: a “headshot”. It is from the shoulders up (or similar framing). Many people confuse a headshot with branding or vice versa. A headshot is used for things like your online profiles, media kits, speaker bio, etc. If you have been here for a while and you take anything away from my articles, the one thing I want you to know is that Branding is not a Headshot

Use your headshot consistently!

Second, when it comes to your social media profiles, pick your favorite image and use the same one for all your online profiles. This is so you are clearly recognizable to your audience. I mean it when I say use it in all profiles too! This doesn’t mean you have to keep your profile images bland. If you want to use something a little more fun in your profiles, and that is your brand, just use that same ‘fun’ image across all platforms. But don’t use your logo! Use a picture of your beautiful face and use the same one. People connect with people! Not with logos. Unless you have a brand like Nike, your logo is likely not going to be the first thing people think of when they think of your business or brand.

Putting a professional face on your brand can all begin with this headshot image. You want to personally represent and build trust which ultimately leads to better relationships and more clients. As a business owner building long lasting relationships with clients and vendors is truly the key to quality marketing, this topic is for another day, but hopefully you see where I’m going. 

Using your headshot effectively starts with taking a great one!

Okay, this is a no brainer. You have to have a good headshot first! I don’t just mean quality lighting and a good smile. I mean:

  • Does it represent your personality well? This might be with your expression, background, outfit, accessories, etc. 
  • Are you wearing something that is professional for your industry, or relevant to your brand?
  • Do you look warm and welcoming?
  • Is the image neutral enough to use within other marketing materials without making design and layout difficult?
  • Is there space for text if needed?

Do you need a new headshot, or a branding session?

To be honest, taking headshots does not light me up as a photographer, but it is necessary to a well-rounded personal brand and a professional online presence. I have also come to realize that so many of you reach out to me, but aren’t quite ready for branding, it is still a valuable asset to have a professional Headshot. What’s even better is we get a glimpse at what it will be like to work together and that definitely lights me up, more than you know!

Photo below of my client: Keisha Brynn, she is a Personal Chef, a Mom, a Pediatric Nurse and a Home Renovator (just to name a few!)

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