Why Chefs Need To Work With Equally Smart, Passionate Professionals
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Why Chefs Need To Work With Equally Smart, Passionate Professionals

February 13, 2020

The professionals you work with makes such a deep impact on your business. I’m not talking about your staff. Although, they should reflect your talents and passion too! I’m talking about the people you bring alongside your business to move the needle forward. Your web designer, your accountant, and of course–your photographer. It matters if they’re in tune with your business, understanding your goals and intentions and supporting you beyond providing a surface level service. You need to be working with professionals that match your talent and passion. Let me tell you why.

I want you to think carefully when you decide to capture who you are and what you do. Just like all Chefs, planners, etc are not created equal, all Photographers are not either. We are all creatives, but that doesn’t mean we are all alike. We all have different styles and passions within our line of work.

There are a few things you want to make sure to check off your list when searching for the right professional to work with.

1. Education

Are they educated in their field? Taking branding photos of a typical service provider, for example a website developer, is drastically different than shooting and editing you as a Chef with your dishes and using food as props. I believe we all need to stay in our lane and focus on a niche. If you needed brain surgery, you would not go to a General Practitioner. You need someone who invests their time, money and energy into learning what it is you do and who you are so that they can produce the highest quality results for you in your industry.

2. Understanding your Specialty

Do they like and understand what you do? Seriously, if you are making the kind of substantial investment that professional photography requires, then don’t you want to work with someone who cares just as deeply about YOUR end result? You want to make sure they approach your photoshoot with a passion for you, your business, for what you are trying to accomplish as well as the art of photography itself! You don’t want someone who is not invested because I guarantee those photos will come out flat and lifeless.

3. Creativity and Flexibility

Are they willing try something new? Just writing that question gets my creative juices flowing! I can’t tell you how much I love to try new things with my work. I love to adventure off the beaten path with a Chef that wants to try things outside the norm. When you are willing to step outside the box with your photographer you know you trust them. Trust is the key when you are working that closely with someone. Think about it, you are opening up your business to this person in a way that is supposed to capture in a split second who you are and what you do. You need to hand over some control and trust that they know and understand their role as well as you know yours

I am in awe of you

There is an art to creating food that not only tastes but looks amazing too! As a Chef you are the artist, the ingredients are your paints and the plate is your canvas. I still indulge in this kind of artwork so I know how much of your heart and soul goes into each dish you plate. From the moment you add oil to pan, you are focused and inspired.

The difference for me is that yes, I do find that focus and care in the dishes I create, but where I lose myself in a moment of total Zen is capturing the beauty of it on camera. What you have over me is the ability to create those dishes and then release them to your guests and clients. Whereas when I was faced with that endgame I became overwhelmed and it caused me so much stress I could not make it an enjoyable career.

I am in awe of you Chef, don’t ever let anyone tell you you are not an artist and expert in all you do! I love to watch you work. You bring something new to life every time you step up to the stove and that is no easy task.

Is the timing right for brand photography?

There is also a time for professional photography. Part of that trust is trusting that when you connect with a photographer they will be honest and tell you if you are not ready for this type of investment. It goes hand-in-hand with understanding what you do. Because you may be so excited to get started and your photographer should know the red flags that tell us you just aren’t quite there yet. I have had several consultations with Chefs who are ready to jump in head first and I have to walk them back a little because they would be just wasting their money.

I want you to succeed.

On my homepage I state that I want to see you succeed and I mean that with every ounce of my being! So make sure to refer to this little outline when you are considering hiring a photographer to brand you and your business.



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