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Personal chef in business casual attire sitting down at a client consultation, pointing at her laptop screen and smiling back at her potential client

Chef, Are You Educating Your Clients?

January 20, 2020

So for me, in the photography world, education is vital for my client experience. Don’t feel like you have to have it all worked out immediately, but get a plan of attack together. I definitely improve my client education every single time I work with another client. I actually love upping my game because it means I am learning and growing.

Why is education for your clients so important? I understand you are not explaining about lighting or how to wear your hair, but you do want to communicate what they can expect from you as a Chef and the experience of working with you. This not only gives your clients more trust and confidence in your abilities, but it makes your life easier!

Think about it, wouldn’t life be a little easier if you were not getting the same question every single time you executed a contract. You begin to get a rhythm for what information they need by working with people over time. (This is also why you want to create clear and consistent services.) While emails are a good starting point, if you offer them a resource they can refer back to over and over, that is where life gets easier.

For me, I just switched to using Dubsado and they have an option for a client portal. I LOVE this because I can upload guides, links, PDF’s, plus my client galleries. Combine that with the ability to access their contract and invoices, it is a one-stop shop and makes life a lot easier for me and my clients to find information.

A couple of other options would be to use Dropbox & Dropbox Paper (which I also love and is very customizable) or Google Drive. There isn’t as much of a learning curve with Google, but I personally don’t care for it due to the lack of organization, just me, I know many people who love it, so do what works best for you and your community.

You can also consider creating a tangible guide that you can have printed. This gets costly, so make sure it really makes sense to do something like this. For short-term clients I would not recommend it.

So how can you level up your client education? It of course depends what kind Chef you are but here’s my brainstorm for you,

  1. Allergy friendly Chefs, take the time to write out in detail what your client might need on an ongoing basis. Anything from snacks they can pick up to have on hand at home to cheat sheets for their kitchens, it can really be anything you feel takes things to the next level.

  2. All Chefs will want to include what customers can expect from working with you from start to finish. Write out exactly how your experience works, the more information you give them the better. (As I am typing this, I am realizing I need to up my own game here!)

  3. If you have a specific menu for returning customers or offer monthly menus, these is also great to include.

  4. Recipes can be a useful tool to enhance their overall experience as well, I see you adding simple recipes they may want to try or have on hand at home. You could even take this a step further and offer private or customized messages with their recipes which helps customers feel like they are special.

  5. Educating them on the latest trends and offering an editorial review also helps build trust and can be customized per client.

  6. When offering a tangible guide, consider adding in some of your additional services, this helps remind clients the multiple ways they can work with you and ultimately leads to more sales!

Creating these resources and experiences generate to word of mouth referrals, if you are creating an enjoyable experience for your client it becomes just as much about that as it does about the quality and flavor of your food!

There are so many ways you can build trust with your audience, but educating them puts you in a position of authority and sets you apart in your industry.


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