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Building Momentum Can Be Scary – Let’s Strategize!

January 9, 2020

Have you felt that surge bubbling below the surface of your business? When not much is happening in that moment but you know it is coming? If we are honest, it is both an exhilarating and scary feeling all balled into one!

In my opinion the reason it can feel scary is because you are headed into the unknown and when that happens sometimes we stop the momentum before it has a chance to even get rolling in the right direction. Why do we do this? Well I can only answer for myself. For me, I want to stop it because I like to be in control at all times, yup that’s me!

I think if you own any kind of business then you have some level of wanting to control everything, if we didn’t, we really wouldn’t have much of a business! So what can we do to stop ourselves from sabotaging the momentum and actually achieving those huge dreams we all have?

It starts with a strategy. New year, new strategy. I am sure your inbox, like mine, is overwhelmed with this kind of message. So I will make this short and sweet!

The most important thing to identify before you strategize is what drives the momentum and then build upon that. Now, I am a Personal Culinary Brand Photographer so I am going to speak to you from my realm of expertise.

Let’s take your Social Media Instagram feed for example. Have you been ‘mini blogging’ on social media? No? Well then this is a great place to start! Just posting a picture and telling people what the name of the dish is, isn’t going to build a lot of trust with your audience.


  1. Open a Planoly account – They are free for up to 30 picture uploads per month. That will definitely get you started!

  2. Plan out each month with 2 Posts per week – (Tip, you should try to schedule your posts on the same day and time, over time this helps with your SEO, not an expert, but this is what I hear from the experts lol.) You can certainly do more, but start with 2, especially if Social Media is a huge pain for you (like it is for me!).

  3. Chose an image that is personal to you at least once per month. What does this mean? Do you have a favorite dish you make at home, but would never serve to your guests? Is there a favorite Celebrity Chef you enjoy following and have made some of their dishes? You may have to stretch and think outside the box a little, but you want to capture the attention of your audience by involving yourself with the image you are posting. This really helps people connect with you.

  4. The other images throughout the month should either be built around showing off your amazing food and what your client experience is like or even some behind-the-scenes shots of you and your staff. Of course, if you are building up to a launch or running a campaign then that is where you want to focus your efforts.

  5. The most important thing to remember is to maximize the content that is associated with the image. Really let people into why this is important to you and/or your business. Best advice is to just write from the heart and don’t overthink it.

All in all just applying this small strategy will snowball over time and build momentum. The kicker is you get to feel a little more control over how it grows. Plus, because you are planning ahead for an entire month, you can just click a button and let technology do the rest, making it much less likely for you to stop the good mojo in its tracks!

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