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What Makes 20-Hours Of Travel Worth It!

December 5, 2019

 Bear Lake Reserve Tap Room (Amanda Richardson Photography) Craig and I have been counting down for about 2 weeks now! We are so excited to get back home this Friday! For the first year, Craig has been able to take 3 straight weeks off and we are hunkering down in the mountains of North Carolina the entire time.

The first day we pick up our 3 year old baby girl Lily! We have missed our puppy so!!

Then, that first week we will be recovering from jetlag and catching up with some friends we haven’t seen forever. If you have not visited Asheville, NC at Christmas time, it is worth a trip. Just the food and wine scene at Biltmore Village alone is like something out of an old Christmas movie. This is my absolute favorite time of the year!

 Our little slice of heaven (photo credit BLR) Our little slice of heaven (photo credit BLR)

Meanwhile back at the homestead, we intend to grill out no matter what the temperature is! I can’t tell you how much we have missed grilling since we have been overseas. Lots of wine, Christmas music and cheesy Christmas movies are on deck and Craig says he can’t wait to watch them this year! I have finally turned him haha!

The second week, our oldest, Katelyn and her boyfriend arrive with Milo, their rambunctious 3 year old pup. Lily and Milo have been together for the past 2 months and have had some sibling rivalry issues, so it will be interesting to see when they are reunited.

By Wednesday of the second week, the 2 boys and their girl friends arrive along with another extra large “puppy” Zeus! So all in all, we will have a full house, which is what I am most looking forward to! The kids, of course, will moan and groan and pick on me because I will be relentlessly taking pictures. They also have instructions to bring nice clothes so I can get some fun portraits. But secretly I know they love it, well at least that’s what I chose to believe lol!

Since it is so hard as the kids get older, to get everyone together, we will celebrate our Christmas with them early, pack in a family outing to have a Holiday dinner with my parents and extended family and then Craig and I will collapse on the couch for the remaining week!

As a side note: I am sneaking in a little work while I am there too. Since we are staying at Bear Lake Reserve, which is one of my favorite places on earth. I will be working with and doing a shoot for the amazingly talented Chef Alice Townsend! Earlier this year I worked with Executive Chef Josh Sutton and we had so much fun together, he asked that I focus a shoot on Alice.

I will be sharing a lot about Alice’s journey and some of her delicious pastries. So make sure to keep your eye out for that post!

 Chef Alice Townsend Pecan Apple Crisp Creation! (Amanda Richardson Photography) Chef Alice Townsend Pecan Apple Crisp Creation! (Amanda Richardson Photography)