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My Deep Dark Secret … Please Do Not Judge!

December 3, 2019

I am letting you in to my deep dark secret, please don’t judge! But I don’t care for sweets! ? Sorry! .

I absolutely love the smell of fresh pastries and sweets and I LOVE shooting them because they always look amazing. Pastry Chefs are some of the most talented creatives there are! I have worked with many in the Charlotte and Asheville area over the past few years, especially in my Wedding Planning days!

But I am the one who says “no thank you” to birthday cake and dessert in general!
Now I do have some favorites. I love #darkchocolate and #tirimisu.

When I left for Doha in September, I brought 2 bars of fine dark chocolate over with me and I still have about half a bar left, 2 months later lol! I will sometimes have a square with my wine after dinner, that I do enjoy.

For me, I’d rather have an extra bowl of pasta or if I do have sweets I’ll look at my husband and say, “why did I eat that? Now I need a bag of chips” ?

Well, there it is … am I alone? I know I am in my family!