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How To Prepare For A Photoshoot

November 19, 2019

As Photographers this is an opportunity for us to help educate you so you are able to get the most out of your experience. This allows for the most personalized experience possible and leaves you feeling confident and looking your best!

Although you want a personal experience there are several things that are standard. I will offer them here, if there are any questions about this list, don’t hesitate to reach out!


Girls – If you are going all out and going to the salon in advance, I suggest getting it styled the way you typically wear it. Now hair can be considered an accessory, so if you are going for a certain look then by all means get that elegant up-do you really have your heart set on. As a photographer I like to see my girls with their hair down for the most part. It is a more relaxed look and we can have fun with it!

      • Make your salon appointment at least 3 hours in advance of your shoot. Remember, being late to your appointment will cut into your shoot time!

      • Keep it down if possible

      • Wash it the day before, if you are not going to the salon and especially if it is a hot humid day.

      • Get your roots touched up 3 days prior to your shoot (ideally)

      • Bring a brush, just in case you need a fluff during the shoot!

  • Guys – Ok, boys, let’s be clear, it’s really up to your significant other (if you’re coming as a couple) right? But let me echo some of the requests your wife might make.

      • Long Hair – Tie it back. I think it looks cleaner and more elegant to have a man’s long hair tied back. If you do leave it down, then make sure it is styled and take the above ques for your shoot as well.

      • Short Hair – Just because it’s short doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be brushed. My son has short, thick hair, but I can still tell if he brushes it or not.

      • No hats. Unless it is a must, hats, especially baseball caps greatly detract from your overall portraits. And don’t wear a hat until after the shoot to eliminate “hat-head”.


Girls & Guys – Take it from me, don’t go overboard and do anything you have never done before, especially to your face. Personally I am allergic to a lot of things! So I rarely put anything out of the norm on my face. You don’t want to have a major breakout the day before!

    • Get a cleaning at the dentist if you are going all out! You can also do a whitening, but you should be aware that if you have a cavity it can a) make it hurt like hell and b) can make the decaying tooth look darker. So make sure to talk with your doctor before going overboard.

    • If you have a pimple – Don’t pick! Minimizing it with makeup will be better than digging it out. If all else fails, you can discuss it with your photographer. You have a couple of options, if it is just one spot it is easy for us to either keep an eye on that side of your face while we are shooting or just remove it from the photo in editing. Don’t stress about the pimple it feels more worrisome than it really is.

    • Eyebrows – While you are at the salon, you can have them do your brows too. Again, just keep in mind you don’t want to do anything that is completely out of the norm.

    • Glasses – People connect with your eyes that is why you have photos done. If you have actual glasses for seeing, we will do some with and some without, if you have contacts I highly recommend you wearing them. If you have transition lenses we will not be able to use those outside as they result in a pink tint in photos that isn’t very appealing.

PS – Guys, no sunglasses please!

Hands & Feet

Girls – If you are getting engagement, elopement or anniversary photos done you are going to want to put Manicure at the top of your list. Here is the thing, go somewhere you know. I personally had a bad experience before my wedding, the woman doing my pedicure ripped out the nail on the side of my big toe and it swelled so badly I could barely wear my shoes the whole day.

      • Mani/Pedi

      • Clean your jewelry, especially your wedding rings. Even if you are not doing an engagement shoot you still want some sparkle!

Guys – Trim up the nails, nothin’ fancy, but we will probably get the two of you holding hands at some point!


Girls & Guys – This is the biggest question I get asked and what we spend the most time on in preparation for the day. I always do a Zoom call and have my clients send me pictures of their ideas to help them pick the best options.

      • Girls – Bring at least 2 outfits. The first should be light and airy, think angelic-like. Not necessarily white, but muted, light colors and flowy dresses. The second should be dark, black or navy blue and casual is the best for this. At least bring a change of tops if you don’t want to change your pants. Stay away from distracting prints and nothing with lettering. These outfits should be coordinated with your significant other as well.

      • Guys – You don’t want to be “matchy-matchy”, but you want to match her style. If she is wearing a beautiful flowy dress you don’t want to be in jeans and a T-shirt. I favor button down or polo shirts and khaki pants for guys because they can be versatile.

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